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February 3, 2012

This week, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling cast a tie-breaking vote banning project labor agreements (PLAs) on state-funded construction projects in Virginia. "Delegate David L. Englin, Alexandria Democrat, questioned what the legislation approved Tuesday would actually do. 'It's preventing the commonwealth from ever using this tool to protect taxpayer interests,' he said. 'I'm simply concerned that we not tie the commonwealth's hand and take away what can be, in some cases, a valuable tool.'"

Progressive Point: In their ideological efforts to be anti-worker, conservative legislators in Richmond are banning a market-based tool that sets rules and expectations for management and workers, and is actually beneficial to Virginia. PLAs neither require a unionized workforce nor do they require any worker to join a union. PLAs are good for local economies because they guarantee local workers are chosen for local projects, keeping construction dollars in our communities.

By putting politics above Virginia, conservatives are hurting the Commonwealth. Our representatives need to focus on fixing the economy, and LG Bill Bolling's tie-breaking vote against PLAs is a vote against it and the best interests of Virginia.

Get the Facts:

  • Phase 1 of the Dulles Rail project utilized a PLA. The project is ahead of schedule, under budget, and has the best safety record of any construction project in Virginia. The new Springfield interchange (I-95 & I-495) is being constructed without a PLA. That project is "three times over budget, way behind schedule", and there have been 4 fatalities on the job. (Building & Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO)

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Politicizing the AG's Office


December 8, 2011

The Washington Post reports that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is refusing to resign from office while he simultaneously runs for Governor. Their article states, "Having announced his intention to run for governor, Mr. Cuccinelli (R) is bucking more than 60 years of bipartisan Virginia history by refusing to do the right thing and resign. Instead, he is insisting on remaining the state's top lawyer 'until the last day of my term,' even as he holds fundraisers, attends events and campaigns for governor. Thus Mr. Cuccinelli will inevitably further politicize his office, adding a partisan cast to every significant move it makes."

Progressive Point: Virginia's Attorney General is entrusted with defending the laws and interests of Virginia. Attorney General Cuccinelli has used the office to promote a radical ideological agenda rather than serving the Virginia voters who trusted him with this responsibility. Now, his refusal to step down while running for Governor will further politicize an office which should be devoted to the interests of Virginians.

Attorneys General of both parties have resigned to run for Governor to ensure the office is occupied by a full-time AG devoted to pursuing justice, not the next election. Ken Cuccinelli refuses to resign--preferring instead to use the bully pulpit of the Attorney General's office consolidate his conservative credentials with the radical right. Cuccinelli abuses the trust of the voters by using his platform to campaign for election rather than justice.

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November 10, 2011

Tuesday's election resulted in the Democratic Party holding 20 seats in the State Senate, the Republican Party holding 19, and one race that is too close to call but will likely go to the Republicans. This will result in a 20 to 20 tie in the Senate, with Republican Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling in the position to cast tie breaking votes.

Progressive Point: On Tuesday, you voted. On Wednesday, Bill Bolling and Bob McDonnell decided it didn't matter. In a blatant power grab, the far right of Virginia, under McDonnell and Bolling's leadership, is attempting to seize control of the State Senate despite voters choosing to split power evenly between the parties.

McDonnell, Bolling and the radical right are trying to grab control while they only have 19 seats in the State Senate, with their own possible 20th State Senator refusing to declare victory. These brazenly partisan attempts, the first day after the election, signal a scary future for our Commonwealth if the Tea Party is allowed to take total control. Virginia needs leaders who will work together to secure a better future for our families, not supercede election results to push their own agenda.

Get the Facts:

"Virginia Republicans, who appear to have eked out a partisan 20-20 split in the 40-seat Senate in Tuesday's election, said Wednesday they will not share power with Democrats, who have held a two-seat majority the past four years... That's contingent, however, on Republican newcomer Bryce Reeves' narrow lead over 7-term Democratic Sen. R. Edward Houck surviving Wednesday's vote canvass in six localities that are part of the 17th Senate District, then a possible recount." (Washington Post)

"Republicans declared victory in the race between challenger Bryce Reeves and longtime Sen. Edd Houck, D-Spotsylvania, despite a mere 86 votes separating the two candidates and more ballots left to count -- not to mention the likelihood of a recount. But don't include Reeves among those already assuming victory. Campaign manager Chris Leavitt said they're going to wait before they anoint themselves the winner." (Washington Examiner)

"In one of their first moves since Tuesday's election, Republicans said Wednesday they would wait until January when they are in power in both the House and Senate to redraw the state's 11 congressional districts... The decision virtually ensures the state would keep its 8-3 split of Republican vs. Democratic congressmen... The Democratic-led Senate passed a competing map which would create a new district in which black voters are a sizeable minority, in addition to another district in which they hold a majority. The House plan, like Virginia's current map, includes one minority-minority district." (Washington Post)

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October 24, 2011

Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, Virginia's "Chief Job Creation Officer", told the Lynchburg News & Advance "we do not believe the government creates jobs". Senate candidate George Allen, who also doesn't believe government creates jobs, was given a "pants on fire" rating from Politifact for his claim that President Obama's stimulus didn't create jobs.

The Progressive Point: At a time when Virginians are struggling, they expect their leaders to step up with solutions, not pass the buck with cries of "not my job." Middle-class families are being crushed by this economy and the McDonnell/Bolling/Cuccinelli team wants to have it both ways: washing their hands of any responsibility while claiming credit for job creation. Virginians are paying the price for their empty rhetoric. Unemployment is on the rise, Virginia is losing more jobs than it creates, and the extremist McDonnell/Bolling/Cuccinelli team are preparing drastic budget cuts that will cause more layoffs. Virginians deserve real leaders who will fight for economic security and job creation. The McDonnell/Bolling/Cuccinelli team only cares about one job: theirs.

Get the Facts:
States that have cut the most spending over the past years have lost the most jobs. (Center for American Progress)
President Obama's stimulus saved or created millions of jobs. (Economic Policy Institute)
Virginia's unemployment rate rose again in September. (The Daily Press)
See the map of Virginia job losses under the McDonnell/Bolling/Cuccinelli team. (Democratic Party of Virginia)

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Bill Bolling recently emailed his supports, letting them know that last week he had been named Chairman of Mitt Romney's campaign in Virginia - as he was in 2008.  

Just today at the Iowa State Fair, Bolling's buddy Mitt Romney told a crowd that "Corporations are people," defending them against increased taxes in favor of cuts to Social Security and Medicare - much to the chagrin of those in attendence.  Here is video via Talking Points Memo



Is this the type of thinking that Bill Bolling thinks we need in Virginia?  Is the out-of-touch mentality that the Lieutenant Governor is supporting going to help average Virginian's who are already struggling?  

Real families are hurting in Virginia right now.  We need solutions and passion - we don't need our elected officials to protect corporate profits, or to promote politicians who do. 

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